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Hell hath no fury like a boy who has lost his Thomas Train toy.

In my own frenzied state, I lost my temper with him.

I can be an intense, all-inclusive reader but it takes a special book to have my unconditional and unwavering attention from page one to the conclusion. Though I tried to cry out, nothing escaped the vice-grip on my throat.

does just that; it draws you in from the first page and literally does not let go of you or your emotions until the rollercoaster conclusion.

— Bishop Frank Morgan PART I Chapter One The question most people ask when they first meet me is: How does an attorney from a reputable law firm in La Jolla end up on Death Row? As I began to pull away, she gripped my hand urgently.

The legal thriller and spiritual aspects are just icing on top of this very substantial literary cake. Rush to get your own copy of is available for purchase at major booksellers, including Amazon. If you make a purchase through my link, I will receive a small commission.

For more information about author Joshua Graham, please visit his website or Facebook page.

The legal aspects are hit upon hard, most especially dealing with a criminal trial and wrongful conviction.

Even knowing that central character Sam Hudson would be convicted and imprisoned, my heart remained in my chest while reading of the trial and the horrors awaiting him in prison. Graham's writing, leaving me with a strong emotional connection to Sam and his adopted family of supporters.

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